The idea

The idea is simple: turn on your camera, point it at yourself and turn 360 degrees. Put in on the internet, send us the url and we put it on our side. Because it’s fun.

Show us your world, your spot. Everywhere.

It began in 2008 with a spontaneous action on the Grote Markt in Brussels. My oldest daughter (then 5 years old), I carried on my back. I could not see her. So I filmed the round on the Grote Markt, with the camera focused on ourselves. To see how she felt. It was the beginning of a new, funny hobby.

During a visit to Moscow was my good friend and old buddy Wouter spontaneous made a 360 on the spot at the Red Square. My fine colleague at the regional broadcaster RTV Drenthe Rego, copied my idea during a trip through the U.S.. That gave us the idea to start this site.

Our goal: as many people who make a 360 degrees on the spot in many different places in the world.

My first 360: