Let’s start a great project

The idea was born in 2008. At the Grote Markt in Brussels I turn around with my daughter Saar on my back. With a camera pointed at myself I filmed the turnaround to see the expression on her face. It was the start of the 360-series I made for my blog.

The beginning:

Last month, my good friend Wouter travelled to Moskow. He made his own 360 on the spot and gave me the idea to start this site: a place for 360's from around the world. The idea is simple: we're gonna ask as many people as possible to make there own 360 on there own spot. You can send your's to us.

We're gonna post the 360's on this site, on Facebook and Twitter. We try to post a couple of 360's a week.

We track the 360's on a map. We made a instruction video. And we had fun! And our dream is to receive 360's from all the countries in the world…


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